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Window Cleaner

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Remote Control Magnetic Electric Window Cleaner Robot Vacuum Cleaner High Tall Window Washing Glass Window Cleaning Robot
1. Automatically detects window frames
2. Anti-Falling control
3. Strong vacuum adsorption
4. Infrared remote control
5. Function: Planned Path Gyroscope/Automatic single side cleaning/Automatic return to the starting position

1. Binding the safety rope when using, Prevent falling from high altitude.

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Input Voltage AC100~240V 50Hz~60Hz
Rated Power 80W
Battery Capacity 500mAh
External dimensions 295*145*68mm
Suction power 5600Pa
Net Weight 1.05KG
UPS power failure protection time 20min
Way to control Infrared remote control
Noise 65dB
Border detection automatic
Fall arrest control Ups Uninterruptible Power System/Safety Rope
Cleaning mode 3 types
Water spraying method Manual/Auto
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