production systems is a trademark that offers worldwide system solutions for operations and is a new product newly launched to promote JL-store and JLPRODSYS PLATFORM which gives you a lot of opportunities to network with other members, discuss in forums and private interest groups, promote your company to the global market and open your store to sell your services worldwide. Additionally, the platform offers special services to help you to market your brand, create a business model best fitting your vision, and guide you and your organization to your desired goal. The site supports a total of eleven languages at its current stage, breaking down any possible language barriers for your global networking needs.Platform languages are Turkish, English, French, German, Arabic, Chinese, Filipino, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian.MISSIONIKIGAI People Transformation Systems (Focus on people, target clients: business owners, CEO level, Mindset change, re-treatment, rebooting, change from local to international person, enlarge vision)EGGSHELL System Solutions (Mentorship program for start-up and scale-up companies)KEEPBIZFIT Systems provides a business Health Report and plan the change journey with Client. Services include trainings of Client's people, setting new processes, grabbing targeted performance level and delivering turnkey systems.After implementation, KEEPBIZFIT offers free bi-annual business health reports to all the clients if requested.Continuous Improvement Process Implementation Lean Production system Lean Six Sigma Culture Quality system (PPAP, New part release, QFD, SPC, ) New Product Lifecycle Key performance systems Documentation systems (Archive, E-document and so on) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)DownSizing Consultancy (Helping companies which want to become smaller without damaging business and to increase their profitability )Business Transformation ConsultancyDigital Transformation ConsultancyFirst Thing First Series for ProfessionalsConsultancy to enter TURQUALITY brand incentive programConsultancy to receive TSE and CE marking in the construction materials

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