Dilek Kuzumoğlu

Dilek Kuzumoğlu

Managing Partner
Real Estate Sale Person Business Development
Aegean Aliaga Estate
Aegean Engineering and Real Estate Company, established in 1998 as an engineering company, run in real estate consulting and engineering for eight years. It provides professional real estate marketing and consultancy services with its broad portfolio, expert consultants, modern office.

You can also evaluate many investment opportunities with Aegean Aliaga Estate, which offers worldwide real estate marketing opportunities with the latest technology. You can list for sale and rental portfolio of our offices. You can reach the real estate you are looking for from the portfolio in the shortest way.

With its experience and growing structure, Aegean Aliaga Estate aims to manage sales and marketing operations in international markets in its activities in the real estate sector.


To ensure that our worldwide customers make the most profitable investment at the right time by keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level in Turkey. Additionally, to be a global real estate company.


To increase the number of investors that gain with the profitable investments. And to improve customer satisfaction standards in the real estate sector.


Aegean Aliaga Estate gives service to evaluate the realized projects, real estate demands, supplies of individuals and organizations in the most accurate way, with its experience, relations, contemporary marketing methods.

Our company assists hundreds of families and organizations in buying/ selling/ renting flats, compounds, lands, shops, commercial real estate every year. In addition, it directs its customers to the profitable investment by revealing the numerical and technical information about the regions that will gain in the short, medium, long term throughout Turkey. It provides consultancy services to its fixed client portfolio containing individuals and companies for buy-sell and build-sell investments.

Our professional services contain project consultancy, real estate finance, portfolio management, real estate development consultancy, real estate marketing organization, real estate marketing, valuation (appraisal), feasibility, market research, real estate investment consultancy. Aegean Aliaga Estate is a licensed company by the regulation provisions on real estate trade.

Our Real Estate Trade License Number is 3500714. Additionally, we are a member of the Aliaga Chamber of Commerce and a member of the Izmir Chamber of Realtors.​

All nationalities can buy property in Turkey except for only five countries ( Syria, North Korea, South Cyprus, Armenia, and Cuba). Turkey is a good and profitable investment, and buying real estate procedures in Turkey is relatively easier than in many countries in the World. Additionally, many houses, workshops and lands are appropriate for investment in Turkey.

We are doing feasibility studies for you, in that days’ market conditions, to determine the most profitable investment for you by expert report and technical analyses.  If you have a preference for the regions and investment zones you want to invest; we find the best place for you through your choices.

People generally buy properties for investment purposes, for holiday, or obtaining Turkish Citizenship by investing in real estate for $250.000. Every property in Turkey has its own set of opportunities, and prices vary by district. If you decide to buy a property in Turkey, whether for investment purposes or obtaining citizenship, we will give you all the information that you will needed for you to safely invest in Turkey.

Turkey has become an emerging country to invest in for foreign investors of all industries with its ever-growing economy, geostrategic value, and unrivaled opportunities it has to offer.  Turkey, has a geographical advantage, and act as a bridge by connecting Eurasia, Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa. You can benefit from Turkish citizenship and Turkish passport by real estate investment after purchasing property or properties with a minimum value of $250,000. The real estate sector rapidly develops in Turkey. You can buy a property and rent it out and benefit from the fast rental income. Additionally, benefit from the high increase in property value after 3 years. Additionaly with its modern cultural structure, it is a good country to live. Amazing historical and natural places to visit, sea/sun/nature is perfect and you can have four seasons in 1 year, and different seasons in different cities. Cheaper economic conditions according to European countries although luxury hotels, restaurants and business.

We have business agreements with so many real estate projects in Turkey. With our extensive relationships we provide reliable support and guidance throughout the purchasing and the aftersales process.

We focus on your needs and expectations so we provide the best investment options that suit your lifestyle and budget.

We exclusively work with trusted construction companies and developers, and projects with the government guarantee. Get the benefit of a Turkish local company with its experience in the real estate sector. Most of our company’s after and before sale services are free

Ege Aliağa Elektrik Mühendislik & Denizcilik Limited Şirketi

Kurtuluş, Fevzi Paşa Cd., 35800 Aliağa/İzmir

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